“…there, God, nature and man came together to create the most magnificent thing that the human eye can contemplate on earth.” Pierre Loti


After the breakfast, meet the guide waiting in lobby at 9am if not have required otherwise. Start the day with Dolmabahce Palace, home of Ottoman Sultan after mid- 18 hundreds in Western concept adopted however in rather eclectic architecture where symmetry is essential, signed by famous Balian family members like many others contributed to Ottoman culture layers of this city.

Notice; Internal photography not permitted due to priceless but light sensitive valuables in display.

Your chauffeur awaiting you will drive you through almost untouched Istanbul since last century, to Chora Church Museum still bearing the biblical illustrations in frescoes and mosaics on its walls and domes. Here, feel free to take your own shots but with fake lights especially when catching the eyes of Jesus gazing at you at any angle you look at him. As you walk out, you might hear some musical rehearsals from the school ‘Music for Peace’ around the curve – the children of all ages devoted to music will welcome you with love if your time permitting from touching the ancient City Walls from 4AD by Theodosius, just prompting to join with Attila the Hun.

Next stop, is the Spice Bazaar. Always busy neighborhood from 8am to 7pm even on Sundays, good for everyone of any demography living the past and today depending on the eye and interest – social life active in real but should not be allergic to spices nor dust though ! A Jewish market was here before moved to GoldenHorn in 16 hundreds but the kosher eatery ‘Levi’ is still serving today next to ‘Hamdi’. After lunch break, we’ll head to hotel for the rest of the day at your leisure if can resist to lingering on in city büstle.

bosphorus_cruising4Today, we are going on 2 hour motor-yacht ride on Bosphorus almost touching close to the mansions (yali-typical to Bosphorus, all were wooden but most burnt down however a number of them are still resisting to survive..) some of them still belong to Ottoman dynasty members.

In the words of Pierre Loti “…there, God, nature and man came together to create the most magnificent thing that the human eye can contemplate on earth.”

Bosphorus, the waterway – foreverly strategical to our globe especially nowadays that history and nature had evolved it together by floods some 7 thousand years aback from us, shaping the Black Sea to link it to the Mediterranean leaving the Marmara, a lake-like sea in between with the other staight, Dardanelles(Hella’s Pond) at the other end where Achillies clashed Hector at Troy as in Illiad of Homer. Your guide can tell you more to take you back to school days..
You may disregard today’s Istanbul of skyscrapers above the still green hills and consentrate on the non-stop floating ships on the Bosphorus in and out bearing the burdens of the world’s economy (over 50.000 a year). This is what make Istanbul ‘grand’ today and made it Constaninopolis of past ‘theGreat’.

After landing on AsiaIstanbul, your chauffuer drives us through the Bagdat Street disclosing another face of Istanbul’s ‘local life’. We shall stop at exceptionally vivid Kadikoy for lunch at ‘Ciya’ of pleasurely treasures of multi-ethnic culinary through ages. Do not deter yourself from asking if can take some home with you. The staff vaccums whatever you like but feasible and to last.. After a walk through the market place ‘elbow to elbow’ with Istanbulites buying their daily supplies, we shall walk across to the water front for the local ferry that will return us to EuropeIstanbul for your hotel.

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