Let me just jump right on this bandwagon: Rae Ellen, you’ve done it again!
And because of you, the inestimable Nesli was willing to take us on. In addition to the superb care she took of us throughout the trip to Turkey, she is a shopper extraordinaire! Best to you – can’t wait to plan the next trip.
Patrice D.


I am not sure if Patrice got to you already, but I wanted to let you know how fabulous our time in Turkey was – Nesli was a gift from above as a guide- lovely, knowledgeable, flexible and just all around great. The boat and crew were a dream and in terms of timing we could not have had better weather the entire trip. As you already know we thought the Park Hyatt was the perfect location, but I will say it again anyway: you were right. Thank you and your team for all your hard work. Best,
Anne S.


Hi Nesli
I have been home a few days and I have not yet had a chance to tell you how wonderful our time in your beautiful country was. It was a fabulous trip, and despite my high expectations you managed to exceed all of them! Each day was special and the time on the boat was truly relaxing. Erdem, Mehmet and Kenan were a fabulous crew who were just a pleasure to be on board with. And Ozgor was a wonderful, fun and knowledgeable guide for all we did on our last day. We did of course miss our wonderful guide Nesli, but he was a very good replacement. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality- I hope to get back to Turkey again. All the best,
Bob S


Hi Nesli,
I honestly was about to email you, so I’m happy to get your email.
Working with you has been a great experience and I would not hesitate to recommend you in any way possible. Everything has been smooth and perfect. I will never forget my two days wandering Istanbul with Tuba — she is exceptional and I really admire and respect her professionalism. Plus she is an interesting and kind person. I loved my 2 days with her.
Ephesus yesterday was also terrific. My guide was wonderful — he was so knowledgeable and professional.
It was just an amazing experience all the way around. I congratulate you for working with such a capable and first class team. Thank you for everything.
Please tell me how I can help you promote your business, I would be happy to do so.
Best wishes,


Dear Attila,
Thank you for the unusual experience! You have shown us a great deal using off the beaten paths and help us understand the contemporary Istanbul.
Thank you again for the great services and your professionalism.
P. Norton


Hello once again….to capture the last portion of our trip in Izmir…hum…wasn’t quite sure when we landed what think…actually went thru culture shock, leaving a wonderland and going to a place that didn’t initially seem very attractive, run down, yet more modern, beachy…And not special in any way UNTIL (thank God)we got to the ancient ruins of Ephesus…the remains of the great Ionian city…at the foot of Mount Pion..unmatched as an archaeological sight and is the best preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean!!! Wow, what an experience walking thru was once a thriving beautiful city(I think perhaps 20,000 lived there at one time..or was it 200,000? I don’t remember..however a lot of people)…later visiting the spectacular Terrace Houses (Villas) located on the top of the hill within the City of Ephesus…where you can still see architecture decorated with mosaics and frescos…quite an eye opener to the way things were back then.

Also went to visit the House of Virgin Mary recognized as her final residence….which was quite beautiful along with surrounding grounds where it is located..

In conclusion, it has been an awesome trip.. perfectly balanced…seeing many different aspects of Turkey, David did an amazing task of putting it together, made perfect by our guide thru-out the whole trip, Nesli.. who was an absolute doll and who now feels like family…and Turkey and this entire experience will forever carry a special place in my heart..
Hope you enjoyed our travel experiences along the way…
Much love, Terri


I have intended to write you a more formal letter to say thank you for our beautifully planned trip. Finally I am emailing so you will know how very pleased we were with every aspect from our hotels to the ship to the tour guides who were incredible – We felt so well taken care of and enjoyed everything. You were so right in having our guides meet us and drive us – We were overcome by Ephesus and so glad that you had insisted we return for the evening concert. And needless to say the guide, Attilla, in Istanbul is exceptional – I think he did our touring in honor of you. Our dinner at Ulus 29 was amazing – we did have the best table in the house -We had two lunches with Attila – ordered for us and taught us a bit of Turkish culture and he guided us our first day through the Grand Bazaar, second day through Spice Bazaar and the Mosques. We learned so much! I will be hoping for another trip to Istanbul. We loved it. Thank you for all your organization and planning – all of us were so delighted on a daily, hourly basis – and we had perfect weather! Will write you on paper next – I am still a bit jet lagged. Thank you again and again.
Clare Webb


Many thanks for your help, but most importantly, your friendship. Each of us had a wonderful introduction to Turkey and we consider our time there with you to have been one of our most enjoyable travel experiences. I realize we barely scratched the surface, so to speak, and we very much look forward to our next visit.
After 23 hours of travel, we all arrived home last night tired, but well and delighted with our experiences!
Please let us know when you and Nesli will be in Austin as Kristin and I would welcome the opportunity to let the two of you be the clients for a change.
Thanks again!
Matt Sjoberg


I had the most special lunch with Kristin and Leila. They had THE BEST trip ever and attributed all to you, Nesli and the great service you provided. I even have a letter written from Matt saying you are the best guide they’ve ever had and he so appreciated the way you dealt with their family. Only complaint was the early hour for the balloon trip—
I knew all that, its just nice to introduce you to others and have them feel like you are a family member.
When are y’all coming back to Austin—your fan club awaits!


Hello To Our Turkish Friends!
The Hirsch segment of our tour returned to Los Angeles last evening after the long travel day. All was very worth the rigors of flying to be able to visit Turkey and beyond. What a wonderful trip we had. No discomforts or glitches anywhere. Only fabulous and seamless touring!

We especially enjoyed our time with each of you in Istanbul & Ephesus being immersed in the rich sights, flavorful culture and particularly the depth of history. It was certainly just a taste of everything but enough to excite and inspire us. Bo who is really not a curious traveler has raved
about Istanbul to everyone!!! Hayley says “for sure” she will return but next time without the parents! Ha! She’ll need to start saving her $$$$. We would definitely connect her with you all to be our guardians anyway! Patty and I will be back for some countryside touring! AND we will recommend you to our friends.

The Aegean Blue Cruise was so relaxing and luxurious…such an unusual excursion for all of us. We did everything available to us but mostly relaxed and ate way too much food. I think the crew probably thought us a bit crazy as we usually began sitting in our places at the table even before the mealtime was announced! The crew was delightful with easy going demeanor; very easy to be with! Ahhhh the Aegean coastline!!!!

We enjoyed your neighbor Athens too. but must say that 2 days there would’ve been enough. We would have liked to have had the extra days in Istanbul. Hotel Grande Bretagne was, however, an architectural delight…service was nice too. The Pappas’ will return to LA on Saturday…stopped in NYC. We will all surely spend time together reminiscing about our travels with you and seeing your beautiful city forever. We enjoyed every minute
of our time. Thank you so much for making it possible.
With warm regards,
Candy, Bo and Hayley Hirsch


The HILLS loved the time they spent with you in Istanbul and I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of them. I had lunch with Rae today and she said being with you was like being with a Rolls Royce – The BEST!! They were very happy with everything. They are talking about bringing their children back and having a gulet experience possibly this summer.
xo Sally


Our visit to Istanbul was excellent. Atilla provided us with a very good guild, sensitive to our physical limitations and a pleasure to be with. He is remarkable. The archaeological museum was a highlight for us. We could have spent far more time there if we had the energy.
Again, thanks for all you did to make this a wonderful trip for all of us.


Attila and Nesli,
You’re the best and I love having confidence and trust that you will take great care of my clients! I had lunch with Leslie McConnico and she couldn’t say enough nice things about you. They had such a wonderfully memorable trip to Turkey and I can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail and making sure they learned and had a good time

Nesli-wonderful, she knows her stuff, very smart, sweet , compassionate. So much great information on all sites and loved their time with her. Liked balloon trip. Ephesus – guide was nice and knowledgeable. Casa Del Arte – LOVED Happy to have some down time. Quiet and they enjoyed sleeping. Food great. Loved tour of Underwater Archaeology Museum Pamukkale Interesting-Steve liked but girls could have skipped. They wanted to be on a gulet
Everyone happy!


Dear Attila,
We have returned to the US after a truly excellent trip to Turkey, and I wanted to circle back to let you know how very happy we were with all the arrangements — from Erdem’s first-rate guiding, Arslan and Ahmed’s driving, all the accommodations and, particularly, your own care and follow-up at every step. We really enjoyed the gulet cruise, as well: Erol and Nevzat take very good care of us.
Notwithstanding, we had a great trip. Thank you to your whole team for making it such a success.
Best regards,


Good morning Attila,
Just a quick note to let you know, John Baskin (and wife) loved your guides and your tours and everything you recently provided for him. Many thanks from me for a job well done. Looking forward to working with you again.

Dear Attila,
There are no words to express my gratitude for one of the best weeks of my life! You and Nesli are the most amazing people and you treated us like Princesses. Your knowledge and passion for your country are so impressive. I cannot wait to share this with everyone I know.
All my very best, Love, Annette


Hi to you both,
Just a quick note to thank you so much for your wonderful attention while I was in Istanbul….got the upgrade at the airport, and comfort class was full up!! My time was perfect in Istanbul, and thanks again for arranging all the transfers and our day together.
And the weather!!!
Hope to see you again soon.
D. Cohan


We are back home.
Thanks for a wonderful trip in Istanbul. We are giving your name to our neighbor who is going on the same cruise in September. I hope they call you! You were great. Keep in touch.

We had a great time and everything worked out well. Istanbul was very interesting and very crowded Nesli was great and I will recommend her to some Swedes who are going I think in November. You did a great job thanks much.
K. Hudson


I’m Rakhel’s husband who went with Jay and Molly to Istanbul two weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to write you ever since we returned, but it’s been crazy catching up.. I’m actually Vietnam right now. Anyway, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Attila was hands down the finest guide I have ever had the good fortune to spend time with. I think I speak for everyone in our group when I say that Attila truly made our adventure remarkable and special. He is a remarkable, talented and charming guy.
Thanks for connecting us with him!



Just a quick note to say thank you for our wonderful day with you in Istanbul. We have returned home to Minnesota after a great cruise, a few days enjoying Athens, and then 5 days in London. We are exhausted, but havegreat memories. When people ask what part of the trip we liked the most, Paul and I both respond, Istanbul. You were a big reason we liked the city so much.
Thank you. I have passed your greetings on to John as well. We will certainly recommend you highly if we have friends that decide to head to Istanbul. And let us know if you ever get to Minnesota!
B. Klaas

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