“…there, God, nature and man came together to create the most magnificent thing that the human eye can contemplate on earth.” Pierre Loti

Take a 90 minute ride on the Bosphorus with a deluxe motor-yacht against the majestic skyline of Istanbul and watch the splendid mansions, Judas blossoms, forts and palaces. Created by a cataclysmic flood some 7700 years ago, the Strait connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean and is one of the busiest waterways in the world. The strategic importance of the passage has always been of enormous proportions and its feature of a long and deep harbor (‘Golden Horn’) gave reason for the creation of a city.

The starting point for the sitting of the city’s monuments was primarily the effect of their appearance from the Sea. A subtle perfection was attained by clearly setting sublime domes and minarets against the sky and by unifying the urban texture with the topography of the landscape.

The water that surrounds the city was regarded as a mirror, which would capture and reflect the images above, complimenting the glorious buildings further. The elements of the pre-Islamic past and the unequalled silhouette of the Muslim city are surrounded by late-Roman city walls, and all of these only enrich the ultimately diversified cultural life of Istanbul.

The infinite energy of today’s city beats merely as a finite moment watching the waters that flow fast through the Bosphorus. The duality between Europe and Asia created by the Strait characterizes the identity of the city and finds its expression in countless moments.

Modern Istanbul possesses an evocative panorama under the weight of her long history. Monuments of colossal cultural value are immersed in a beautiful landscape. The outcome is Istanbul’s breath-taking filigree silhouette.

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