Bodrum, on a peninsula on southern Aegean across from the Island of Kos – home of the famous Greek historian Herodotus, is in our last decades a popular holiday resort. Enchanting villages of houses of white and trimmed with purple bougainvillea together with miles of sandy beaches and ideal locations for water and wind sports.

Meet with your guide and walk to Bodrum Castle, known as the Castle of St. John, it sits high on a rocky peninsula on the site of the original Carian settlement. Its towers rise majestically, dominating the harbour front. Built of green stones, masonry and marble slabs from the Mausoleum, the castle offers magnificent views from the ramparts to the town and its picturesque harbour, as well as your anchored Ship.

The Castle complex houses an excellent Museum of Underwater Archaeology where you will see the displays of findings from the world’s oldest known shipwrecks’ along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast.

See the superb expositions in various sections of the Castle. Walk through the castle and see the displays of artifacts such as the Glass Wreck Hall, Late Bonze Age Shipwrecks, The Carian Princess Hall and the amphoras . In ancient times amphoras were used for transporting and storing wine and Olive Oil.

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